Operational Concept

The Shelf Life Cockpit is a special configuration of Manufacturing Workbench – our main software product used for planning, simulating, and optimizing the production planning processes. With the help of this cockpit you could quickly and easily obtain an overview of all the perishable goods, raw materials, and products alike on stock. The Shelf Life Cockpit works exclusively with the existing ERP System data to provide the user a quick and clear view for the planning situation. Additionally it also shows where conflicts could emerge as a reason of shelf life parameters. There is no additional infrastructure or a separate database required to operate the SLC since the existing ERP System serves as the primary database and server. The users work with an SAP GUI extension for the Shelf Life Cockpit that is integrated with the SAP System and installed on the user’s PC as an additional application.

Through the cancellation of the transactional description of information the objects will no longer be regarded as individual but as a component of a network. This will result in a compressed as well as a detailed information exchange. If needed it is possible to make a direct drop from the cockpit into SAP ERP in the corresponding transaction for the processing of the original objects.

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